Informational Democracy

A democratic society where information technology refuels civilian power.

No government, no state, now is immune to information; no state or government can adequately police or control information borders. The ‘information state’ is thus the first politically porous state that with all its contradictions, mutations and imperfections looks the most likely model for a world public space. — Information, Globalization and Democracy.

… two fundamental social aspects of the emerging economic technological condition of the networked information economy: the economic—concerned with the organization of production and consumption in this economy, and the political—concerned with how we pursue autonomy, democracy, and social justice in this new condition. — Political Economy of Information.

…the networked information economy can be more open and admit of many more diverse possibilities for organizing production and consumption than could the physical economy. …  [it] makes it possible for nonmarket and decentralized models of production to increase their presence alongside the more traditional models, causing some displacement, but increasing the diversity of ways of organizing production rather than replacing one with the other.— Political Economy of Information.

The reorganization of production, and the advances it can bring in democracy,
autonomy, and social justice will emerge, if it emerges, only as a result of social and political action.— Political Economy of Information.

…human beings are central in the networked information economy because of attributes
in which they differ widely—creativity, wisdom, taste, social experience—as well as their effort and attention. And human beings use these personal attributes not only in markets, but also in nonmarket relations. From our homes to our communities, from our friendships to our play, we live life and exchange knowledge and ideas in many
more diverse relations than those mediated by the market. — Political Economy of Information.

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